VASA Constitution

Mission Statement:

University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association, better known as UNO VASA, welcomes all prospective members and those who are simply interested in knowing about VASA. Our goal is to establish and maintain a strong relationship between other students at UNO and friends around the Crescent City.

UNO VASA officers dedicate their time and patience to enlighten the community of cultures and traditions. We accomplish these goals by organizing social and cultural activities for our members, providing help and guidance to UNO underclassmen, and promoting fun and intriguing interests of ourselves to the entire community.

Article I:


The official name of this organization is the Vietnamese American Student Association. This organization will use the name or its acronym(s), VASA or UNO VASA, in all forms of correspondence and media.

Article II:


The purpose of this club is to provide a social organization encouraging knowledge of all aspects in the field of Asian culture especially regarding Vietnam. Our mission is to promote cultural awareness while also serving as a community of activity and interest for its members.


Section 1: Membership shall be open to all individuals interested in learning Vietnamese and about Asian culture. Individuals do NOT have to be a student of UNO to become a member of VASA.

Section 2: Eligibility for membership or appointed officer positions will not be limited on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. This organization shall have no policies or rules that discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Section 3: There shall be no instances or tolerance of embarrassment or harassment of any form. Members are prohibited from hazing, whether it be behavior or action, with the organization.

Section 4: Opportunities are open to members who are interested in planning and volunteering for events.

Section 5: An active member is an individual who gains 50% of the allotted membership points throughout the year.

Section 6: Dues and fees are to be submitted to the Treasurer and last for only one year. Membership fees are subject to change.

Article III:


Section 1: Only active members shall be eligible to run for office within the organization.

Section 2: An officer may be involved as an officer of other organizations within and outside of UNO as well. However, he or she must still continue to fulfill the duties and obligations required within VASA.

Section 3: The terms of office for all elected officials shall be two (2) consecutive semesters, or one (1) full year, beginning when he or she gets elected.

Section 4: The titles of the elected officials shall be: president, internal vice president, external vice president, secretary, historian, treasurer, public relations, and social chairs.

Section 5: The new or upcoming cabinet is required to meet with whomever was in their position before elected in order to better understand their upcoming position, duties, and obligations.

Section 6: The cabinet is required to have at least three meetings before beginning their term when the school year starts.

Section 7: An officer must inform the president 24 hours prior to an officer meeting or any planned event if he or she cannot attend or will be tardy unless in the case of an emergency.

Section 8: The duties of elected officials shall be as follows:

A. President:

1. Oversees all activities related to the organization.

2. Calls and presides at all meetings, even committee meetings for events and functions.

3. Delegates officers into committees for events and functions.

4. Has no voting power unless if needed to break a tie.

5. Formulates a layout of the minutes no later than one (1) hour prior to the officer meeting.

6. Formulates and distributes a written agenda for the general meeting from the officer meeting.

B. Internal Vice-President:

1. Performs the duties and exercises the powers of the President in the event of the President’s absence (Refer to roles of President).

2. Coordinates all committee activities, through close contact, for events within the UNO Campus.

3. Acts as the bridge to other organizations on campus.

4. Acts as the volunteer head for any events that may require.

C. External Vice-President:

1. Performs duties and exercises the powers of the President, in the event that the President and Internal Vice-President are absent.

2. Serves on the Gulf Coast’s Intercollegiate Counsel Committee.

3. Coordinates all committee activities, through close contact, for events outside of campus.

4. Communicates with other representatives or External Vice-Presidents from other organizations.

5. Serves as a bridge to other schools and organizations outside of campus.

6. Must inform the cabinet of events and information outside of campus.

D. Secretary:

1. Performs the duties and exercises the powers of the President, in the event that the Internal Vice-President and External Vice-President are absent.

2. Responsible for editing and updating the minutes of all meetings.

3. Maintains and informs the cabinet of all forms of mail (e-mail, paper mail, etc.).

4. Responsible for booking and setting up the locations of general meetings, events, and functions.

E. Treasurer:

1. The Treasurer will perform the duties and exercise powers of the President, in the event that the President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice-President, and Secretary are absent.

2. Responsible for all the finances of VASA.

3. Coordinates and facilitates all fundraising activities.

4. Confirms with the President of any financial withdrawal.

5. Present a mandatory financial report to each officers meeting.

6. Maintains the balance of checking account, savings account, and cash box.

7. Transition of names on organization’s account.

F. Historian:

1. Maintains and organizes a record of the Secretary’s notes in the archives.

2. Documents events via photos or film.

3. Heads a committee to construct a physical form of media for future reference and recruiting.

4. Responsible for updating pictures, videos, or any related organizational materials.

G. Public Relations:

1. Manages all VASA social media platforms.

2. Coordinates all correspondence between all of VASA including notifications of upcoming events or schedule changes.

3. Must promote events at least one (1) week prior to date of event.

4. Must maintain the domain and host account of the website.

I. Social Chair:

1. Creates a comfortable environment of prospective or new members.

2. Keeps close contact with and communicates with new or potential members.

3. Heads a committee to recruit new members.

J. Freshman Representative:

1. Serves as a bridge between the freshman class to the executive board.

2. Informs the cabinet of all feedback or inquiries from freshmen following all meetings and events.

3. Promotes all events specifically, but not limited, to the freshmen class.

Section 9: Election of Officers

1. Only active members shall be able to run for office. Freshman representatives are excluded from this rule.

2. The dates of election shall be set by the current slate of officers.

Article IV:


Section 1: There shall be a member of the UNO faculty or staff that shall serve in an advisory capacity to the organization. The faculty or staff adviser’s role is to offer guidance to the organization while adhering to the University’s policies and procedures.

Section 2: The current executive board may also elect former VASA executive board member(s) to serve as senior adviser(s). Senior adviser(s) shall be a resource for organization of group goals and act as a facilitator and motivator.

Article V

Quorum, Meeting, and Voting

Section 1: A quorum shall consist of at least 5 officers and 25% of the active members.

Section 2: General Meetings

1. Meetings will be held at least three times a semester. Dates of general meetings must be decided at least one month in advance.

2. All meetings shall be governed by the executive board.

3. Attendance of the general membership shall be recorded by the Historian.

4. The President shall facilitate the general meeting.

5. Members should be notified of the meeting at least a week prior.

Section 3: Officer Meetings

1. Officer meetings should be held at minimum twice a month and at least once in person. Officers have an option to have a conference call for the second meeting.

2. The President must facilitate the officers’ meeting.

3. In the event that the President is not present, officers following consecutively in power must assume the President’s role if he/she is unable to facilitate.

4. Each officer is entitled to one vote and each decision is required majority (50% +1) in order to pass. Votes only count for those present at the meeting.

5. In the event an officer is not present at an officer meeting, that individual is responsible for obtaining notes and minutes from the meeting.

6. In the event of an emergency meeting, any officer can call upon the highest command in executive board to gather all officers to meet. All officers have the right to hear the emergency and make a decision to vote to proceed even if not present at the emergency meeting.

Section 4: Voting

1. Voting is determined by officers who are no longer returning and/or not planning to run for any positions in the upcoming year.

2. A simple majority of those present and voting is required to pass a proposal. This should be ¾ of the members present.

3. All voting will be conducted by secret ballot.

Article VI

By-Laws and Event Procedures

Section 1: All major events (Date Auction, Canoe Trip, and Paper Lantern Night) must be approved by the executive board one month in advance. All minor events must be submitted for approval to the executive board at least two weeks in advance (movie night, game night, bowling, or social events).

Section 2: Committees

1. Any active member may volunteer to be a committee head with the approval of the executive board.

2. Committees can consist of members and officers.

3. Committee head must be responsible for the logistics of the event and present to the executive board for approval.

4. Vice-Presidents oversee all event committees.

Section 3: Both the Treasurer and Committee head must prepare, present and maintain the event budget. Only with a receipt, reimbursement will be given if it was present in the budget.

Article VII

Removal, Resignation, Vacancies

Section 1: An officer may be removed from his or her position due to negligence of duty, inefficiency in office, or any other action which is considered detrimental to the name or purpose of the organization. An officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the active membership, present and voting, at a meeting of the organization.

Section 2: Any officer wishing to resign must submit a written notification to the executive board. The officer following consequently after in power will assume the resigning officer’s position.

Section 3: Any vacancies that may occur shall be decided at the discretion of the executive board.

Article VIII


The power to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or adopt new bylaws shall be vested in the membership of the Vietnamese American Student Association of the University of New Orleans. Subject to approval of majority (50%+1) of the general membership or two-thirds (2/3) vote of the executive board.