VASA Constitution

Mission Statement:

University of New Orleans Vietnamese American Student Association, better known as UNO VASA, welcomes all prospective members and those who are simply interested in knowing about VASA. Our goal is to establish and maintain a strong relationship between other students at UNO and friends around the Crescent City.

UNO VASA officers dedicate their time and patience to enlighten the community of cultures and traditions. We accomplish these goals by organizing social and cultural activities for our members, providing help and guidance to UNO underclassmen, and promoting fun and intriguing interests of ourselves to the entire community.

Article I: Members

1) Requirements to Become a Member of VASA

              A) Individuals do NOT have to be a student of UNO to become a member of VASA

              B) Open to anyone who is interested in learning the Vietnamese and Asian Culture 

              C) Membership fees submitted to the treasurer and last for only one year. Membership

      fees are subject to change.

              D) Members are expected to present themselves in a respective and courteous   

                    manner at all functions.

              E) Members are prohibited from harassment, whether it be behavior or action, within

      the organization

              F) An Active Member is an individual who gains 50% of the allotted membership                   points throughout the year.

              G) Opportunities are open to members who are interested in planning and

      volunteering for events.  

Article II: Cabinet


A member of the cabinet will serve a term for one full school year 


An officer may be involved as an officer of the other organizations within and outside UNO. However, he or she must be fulfill the duties and obligations within VASA.


The cabinet is required to go through a bonding/educational experience before the school year begins. 


The incoming cabinet must state the pledge in order to complete initiation of VASA


An officer must inform the president 24 hours prior to an officer meeting if he or she cannot attend. This does not apply in the event of an emergency.


              A. President: The Duties of the president are as follows:

                         1. Calls and presides at all and special meetings including those of the E-Board

                         2. Delegates officers to committees for events and functions 

                         3. Has no voting power unless if needed to break a tie

                         4. Overseer of all activities related to the organization  

                         5. Formulate and post an agenda 24 hours prior to the officer meeting

              B. Internal Vice-President: The duties of the internal vice-president are as follows

                         1. The internal Vice-President will perform duties and exercise the power                                         of the President in the event of the President's absence.                                                                       (Refer to Roles of President) 

                         2. Coordinate all committee activities through close contact with the head                                              of the committee for events within UNO Campus

                         3. Act as the bridge to other organizations on campus

              C. External Vice-President:The duties of the external vice-president are as follows:

                         1. The External Vice-President will perform duties and exercise powers of                                              the President in the event that the President and Internal Vice-President                                            are absent

                         2. Serves on Union Vietnamese Student Association'sIntercollegiate Counsel                                        Committee.

                         3. Coordinate all committee activities through close contact with the head                                              of the committee for events outside of campus

                         4.Communicates with other representatives or External VPs from other                                     organizations

                         5. Serve as a bridge to other schools and organizations outside of campus

                         6. Must inform cabinet of events and information outside of campus

              D. Secretary: The duties of the Secretary are as follows:

                         1. The Secretary will perform duties and exercise powers of the President,                                              Internal Vice-President, and External Vice-President are absent

                         2. Be responsible for minutes of all meetings

                         3. Formulate and distribute a written agenda for the general meeting from                                              the officer meeting

                         4. Post e-mail and recaps of all meetings within 48 hours following the                                                  meeting. 

                         5. Maintain and inform cabinet of all forms of mail (e-mail, paper mail, etc.)

`                        6. Responsible for setting up locations for the general meeting

              E. Treasurer: The duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

                         1. The Treasurer will perform the duties and exercise powers of the                                                        President in the event that the President, Internal Vice-President, External                                          President, and Secretary are absent

                         2. Be responsible for all the finances of UNO VASA

                         3. Coordinating and facilitating all the fundraising activities

                         4. Transition of names on organization's account

                         5. Must confirm with the President for any financial withdrawal

                         6. Maintain balance of checking account, savings account, and cash box

                         7. Present a mandatory financial report to each officers meeting

              F. Historian: The Duties of the Historian are as follows:

                         1. Maintain and organize a record of the Secretary notes in the archives

                         2. Document via photos or film the membership of UNO VASA and their                                     events. 

                         3. Create a slideshow that correlates with the agenda formulated by the                                     Secretary for every general meeting

                         4. Maintain a record of membership attendance for all meetings and                                                      events

                         5. Head a committee to construct a physical form of media for future                                                    reference and recruiting

              G. Public Relations: The duties of the Public Relations are as follows

                         1. Keep close contact and communication with members inside the                                                        organization

                         2. Coordinates all correspondence between of all UNO VASA including                                                notifications of upcoming events or schedule changes. 

                         3. Must promote events at least 2 weeks prior to date of event

                         4. Head a committee to recruit new members

              H. Webmaster: The Duties of the Webmaster are as follows

                         1. Responsible for posting calendar events and details 48 hours after                                                        every meeting

                         2. Responsible for updating contact list, videos, pictures, or any related                                                  organizational materials

                         3. Must maintain the domain and host account of the website

              I. Social Chair

                         1. Creates a comfortable environment of interested for new members

                         2. If any E-Board member was to resign, must take up the responsibility

                         3. Keep close contact and communicate with new or interested members

              J. Freshman Representative

                         1. Serve as a bridge between freshman class to the E-Board

                         2. Inform cabinet of all feedback or inquiries from freshmen following all                                              meetings and events 

                         3. Promote all events specifically to the freshmen class 

Article III: Elections

SECTION 1. Dates of Election Schedule

The new cabinet will be elected at the spring semester's last general meeting. The new cabinet will have a term of one full school year. Nominations will be accepted at least 2 weeks before the election date. Nominees are responsible to campaignon their own and will be given an opportunityto answer questions and any last minute campaigns with a 5 minute time limit on election day.

SECTION 2. Requirements for Nominations

Members must be considered active in order to run for office. The Freshmen Representative position is excluded from this rule. Candidates may be self appointed or nominated by another member. 

SECTION 3. Voting 

E-Board must appoint one former VASA E-Board member to facilitate the election process, but does not have any voting power (i.e. counting votes, maintain roster of who has voted, and announcing winners). Officers have the power to vote. The President's vote shall only count in an event of a tie. Absentee ballots will be accepted one day before the election day by the appointed individual. Winner candidates are decided by at least majority (50% + 1) vote of the general membership cast by secret ballot.

SECTION 4. Impeachment of an Officer

              1. Any officer who abuses or misuses their power may be subject to impeachment

              2. A unanimous vote among the E-Board is required to motion an impeachment                                   by mock trial

              3. After numerous attempts of failed resolutions among E-Board members and                                       Senior Advisor, removal of any elected or appointed officer will require a majority                               (50% +1) of membership after mock trial

              4. Members must be present at the mock trial in order to cast a vote

SECTION 5. Joint Positions

Besides Public Relations, there are no joint positions allowed in the cabinet.

SECTION 6. Resignation

Any officer wishing to resign must submit a written notification to the E-Board and then presented to the general members. A new officer will be elected through the election process (see section 3)

Article IV: Meeting Procedure

SECTION 1. Officer's Meetings

              1. Officer meeting should be held at minimum twice a month and at least once in                                 person. Officers have an option to have a conference call for the second meeting.

              2. Location of the meeting is at the discretion of the President

              3. The President must facilitate the officer's meeting

              4. Each officer is entitled to one vote and each decision is required majority                                           (50% +1) in order to pass. Votes only count for officers present at the meeting. 

              5. All officer meetings that are in person are open to the general members, but are                                 not allowed to vote.

              6. In the event an officer is not present at an officer meeting, that individual is                                       responsible for obtaining notes and minutes from the meeting. 

              7. In the event of an emergency meeting, any officer can call upon the highest                                       command in E-Board to gather all officers to meet. All officers have the right to hear the                   emergency and make a decision to vote to proceed even if not present at the emergency                     meeting.

SECTION 2. General Meetings

              1. General meetings shall be held at least once a month. Dates of general meeting                                   must be decided at least one month in advance

              2. A typed agenda should be made available to the members by the Secretary on                                     the day of the meeting

              3. Attendance of the general membership shall be recorded by the Historian

              4. The President shall facilitate the general meeting.

              5. Members should be notified of the meeting at least two weeks in advance

V. Event Procedure

SECTION 1. Committees

              1. Any active member may volunteer to be a committee head with the approval of                                the E-Board

              2. Committees can consist of members and officers

              3. Committee Head must be responsible for the logistics of the event and present to the                         E-Board for approval

              4. Vice-Presidents oversee all event committees

SECTION 2. Approval

All major events (Canoe trips, Tet, Date Auction) must be approved by the E-Board one month in advance. All minor events must be submitted for approval to the E-Board at least two weeks in advance (movie night, game night, bowling, social events)

SECTION 3. Reimbursement

Both the Treasurer and Committee Head must prepare, present and maintain the event budget. Only with a receipt, reimbursement will be given if it was present in the budget.

SECTION 4. Debriefs

All debriefs and recaps of events will take place within one week following the event.

VI. Role of the Senior Advisor


An E-Board may elect a former VASA E-Board member as or (2) Senior Advisor(s)


The advisor shall be resource for the organization's group goals. The advisor's role is that The Advisor role is that of a facilitator, charged with keeping the E-Board focus


The advisor shall be a group motivator, someone who challenges the group to excellence and praises the group as well individuals for jobs well done directing any criticism of the group


The advisor shall attend all cabinet meetings but are strongly encouraged to attend general meetings and Fall/Spring Events


If requested, the Senior Advisor should set up a training to educated the officers of the new positions to createa bonding environment for the upcoming year. 

Article VII: Amendments of the Constitution

The power to alter, amend, or repeal these bylaws or adopt new bylaws shall be vested in the membership of the Vietnamese American Student Association of New Orleans, Subject to approval of majority (50%+1)  of the general membership or two-thirds(2/3) vote of the E-Board.


 Dated - July 2014