Though events may come and go, some are part of our UNO VASA tradition. These events, started by the members before us, continue on to this day.

Paper lantern night

Paper Lantern Night is an annual event in which the Vietnamese and Chinese community celebrate the Autumn Moon festival, Tết Trung Thu. The festival is filled with great entertainment and performances, delicious food, and fun games to play! UNO VASA’s Paper Lantern Night brings the experience of the Autumn Moon festival to our campus, allowing students, faculty, and surrounding community members to take part in a night of culture and excitement.

Progressive Dinner

Progressive Dinner is a yearly event, usually held during the beginning of Winter break. Attendees are placed into teams, in which they must work together to play games and beat challenges at various locations. What makes it a Progressive Dinner? Well, in order to eat each course of the meal (appetizers, main course, and dessert), your team has to go to each location and beat the challenge. Whoever wins first eats first! It’s a fun social event for both our general members and VSA members from throughout the region.


Canoe Trip

Canoe Trip is a bonding retreat where we take our members out to a campsite, and we stay for one or two nights. On one of the days, we all go canoeing! This is meant to be a fun, stress relieving trip for our members to take a break from school and enjoy themselves. This event has been around since 2009