October Newsletter:

Issue 5. Volume 2. 2018
This month's newsletter includes:
  • Announcements
    • Date Auction Sign-Up Deadline (10/5)
    • T-Shirt Orders (Due date to be announced)
    • Boo At The Zoo Forms
    • Third General Meeting (10/23)
  • Monthly Recap
    • XULAVA Back to School Picnic (9/2)
    • VSA-LSU Back to School Picnic (9/7)
    • UNO VASA's 2nd General meeting (9/11)
    • LASO Coconut Beach Night (9/14)
    • UNO VASA Paper Lantern Night (9/22)
    • LASO Fried Rice Sale (9/27)
    • XULAVA Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (9/28)
    • TUVA Food Social (9/29)
    • VSOUL Journey to Vietnam (9/30) 
  • What's Happening in October?
    • USM VSA and Sigma Noodles 6pm (10/3)
    • OLE VASA Formal 8pm-12pm (10/6)
    • VSA-LSU Hiking Trip 8:30am-12pm(10/13)
    • UNO VASA Bowling Night 8pm (10/15)
    • VSOUL VSocial 5pm-7pm (10/18)
    • UNO VASA Halloween Party (10/20)
    • USMVSA Eggroll Fest Prep (10/20 @ 5pm-8pm & 10/21 @10am-12pm & 10/24 @ 9am-3pm)
    • VSOUL Golden Lotus: Casino Night 5pm-8:30pm (10/21)
    • UNO VASA Halloween Bake Sale 11am-2pm (10/31)
    • Boo at The Zoo (10/26-10/28)
  • Follow our social media!


                         Sign-Ups for Date Auction

The annual UVSA Gulf Coast Date Auction is approaching this upcoming fall. This special event brings all 10 VSAs from the Gulf Coast region together and allows every school to showcase their VSA pride, VSA talents, and to fundraise for Children's Philanthropy Project (CPP). If you are interested in being an Auctionee for Date Auction, sign up by October 5th!

                             T-Shirt Orders are Due!

The picture above is UNO VASA's new "BLACKPINK" t-shirt! This shirt is short-sleeved and matches our color scheme for the year. It is available to order through this this form (Due Date Soon to be Announced) The cost of the shirt is $15. (If you paid the $20 membership fee, the t-shirt cost was included in that.) UNO VASA in 'ya area!!!
                      Boo At The Zoo (10/26-10/28)
The Audubon Zoo is hosting its annual Halloween extravaganza featuring entertainment, games, and trick-or-treating on the weekend of October 26-28! UNOVASA is hoping to assist Audubon Zoo by tending booths so children and their families can enjoy the fun-filled event. We are trying to choose one day to go as a group so please let us know your availability below! There will be shifts assigned, so no one will be working the entire night. You can sign up here.

                Third General Meeting (10/23/2018)

Please join us for our Third General Meeting on October 23rd at 12:30pm! A Facebook event page will be posted soon with confirmation on our meeting location. Keep posted with our social medias for more information!
                                      VIETNAMESE PUN OF THE MONTH
Q: What would somebody who spends all of his or her money at Kung Fu Tea say?
A: I'm livin' la vida boba!

September Recap:


              XULAVA Back to School Picnic (9/2)

Shoutout to XULAVA for hosting a potluck style picnic event to start off the new year! Students were able to enjoy a fun evening full of games, food, and getting pied!

               LSU-VSA Back to School Picnic (9/7)

Shoutout to LSU-VSA for hosting a successful back-to-school picnic! Many students came together to socialize, play games, and make new friendships as they started off the 2018-2019 year!

       UNOVASA Second General Meeting (9/11)

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Second General Meeting! It was lovely to see everyone come out, play icebreakers with one another, and learn about upcoming announcements! We hope to see everyone again at our next and Third General Meeting later on this month!

                  LASO Coconut Beach Night (9/14)

Shoutout to Loyola Asian Student Organization (LASO) for hosting an athletic, social event at Coconut Beach! It was a great turnout, and people had lots of fun playing volleyball, making sandcastles, and mingling with different other students from all kinds of VSAs in the region!

           UNO VASA Paper Lantern Night (9/22)

Thank you to everyone who came out for Paper Lantern Night! PLN is our social and cultural event held at UNO every year to celebrate Tet Trung Thu and bring people together for a special night full of performances, food, games, memories, and fun! Special thanks to our sponsors, UNO VASA and GC media teams, performers, volunteers, and everyone who came to support and contributed donations toward our charity CCP! We hope to bring you another fantastic event next year!
                      LASO Fried Rice Sale (9/27)
Shoutout to LASO for running a successful fried rice sale on campus, especially during a rainstorm, and giving others a taste (literally!) of Asian culture and its cuisine!
              XULAVA Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (9/28)
Congratulations to XULAVA for hosting a successful cultural event celebrating Tet Trung Thu! Students got to watch performances, enjoy lots of games and food, and have fun!
                                 TUVA Food Social (9/29)
Shoutout to TUVA for hosting a yummy social get-together! Students were able to eat various delicious foods, socialize with one another, and make new friendships!
                      VSOUL Journey to Vietnam (9/30)
Big shout-out to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's VSA (VSOUL) for holding their annual event called Journey to Vietnam! Teams of four participated in an adventurous scavenger hunt, full of games and riddles, on campus while learning about Vietnamese culture and its rich history!

What's Happening in October?
Click the event graphics to go to each organization's Facebook event page!

For more information, or if you have any comments/suggestions/concerns, please find us on our social media accounts or e-mail us at unovasa@gmail.com. Thanks! :)

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