We are currently affiliated with another organization, the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations - Gulf Coast, UVSA GC. This organization helps plan regional events with VSAs within the Gulf Coast Region, which includes: Louisiana, Mississppi, and Alabama.

Date auction

Date Auction is an annual charity fundraising event originally hosted by the Asian American Student Intercollegiate Association (AASIA) for the past fifteen years before transitioning under UVSA Gulf Coast in 2016. 

This is a collaboration event among the Louisiana Vietnamese Student Associations which include us, Tulane's TUVA, Xavier's XULAVA, Loyola's LASO, VSA-LSU, and UL’s VSOUL. During this event, each school performs a dance/skit and presents a video according to some theme of their choice. Between performances throughout the night, groups of auctionees will do a talent of their choice and then be auctioned off! Those attending have the chance to buy themselves a wonderful, talented date! All proceeds raised from our auctionees will go to our annual CPP (Collective Philanthropy Project).

See below for the total amount we made at Date Auction 2017!


Cultural night

UVSA Gulf Coast’s first regional cultural event was hosted February 19, 2016, originally entitled “UVSA Gulf Coast Tet.” Eight of the ten affiliate schools within the region took part in an unprecedented event that played host to VSA members from across three states: Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 

Recently, they hosted its second annual regional cultural event on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Each of our ten affiliate schools hosted booths with various activities and food. There was entertainment throughout the night, consisting of singers, dancers, and other types of performances.